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A Few minutes later, I was at the bar meeting Andrej. "Hey Mika right?" He smiled. "Yeah. Can I get a Martini please?" I asked him.
"Sure coming right up." He said winking his eye at me. "So did everything work out with you and Bill?" He asked. "I don't know I'm done with men tomorrow is Valentines day and this really isn't working out." I fussed taking a sip of the Martini. I saw Tom walking up towards me. "Hey Can I just get a beer?" He told Andrej. "Sure." He smiled. "What are you doing here?" I Fussed.

"Can I just have a drink with you?" Tom asked. "I'm just about done." I fussed putting the money on the tab. "Come on Mika can we just talk?" Tom asked. "No we can't." I cried. "Sit!" He shouts.

"I've talked to Georg." Tom said. "And What?" I asked over him.
"He said that he never wants to have anything to do with you…and--" "I can't hear this Tom." I cried. "Wait." Tom grabbed my arms softly. "He also said that he wants you out of his house." Tom said. "Are you here to try and give me beef?" I asked. "No." He said.

"If I leave Georg I'll have no place to go." I said as my voice breaks. Andrej looks over. "Well you've should have thought about
That before you starting to whore around with my brother." Tom whispered. "HOW DARE YOU!" I cried. "If you're going to bitch at me Tom, just leave me the hell alone!" I screamed. Everyone in the bar looked up and stared. Tom finished his last gulp of beer and he left.

"This is full of Shit." I cried wanting to leave. "Wait Mika, I couldn't help but to overhear you guys." Andrej said. "Sorry everything is just so messed up right now and---"

"Why don't you come live with me for a while?" Andrej asked over me. "No Andrej, I couldn't possibly do that I mean---" "You're staying." He said moving close to me almost meeting his lips with mine. "Okay, I'll go home and get my stuff and meet you back here." I said. "Good and don't worry Mika we're going to become really good friends." Andrej Said hugging me a bit.

I was on my way back to Georg's apartment. Bill was there! "What are you doing here?!" I shout. "Mika we need to talk." Bill said. "Look, there's nothing to talk about we're done. I'm done with you Georg and don't worry I'll be out of your house in no time." I fussed looking over at Georg. "Do you have a place to go you could stay with---" "No I forbid that I can't I'm staying over at a friend of mine." I said packing my clothes quickly.

"Jena and Isabella's?" Bill thought. "No…you don't know him." I said looking into Georg's eyes. "Slut at work huh?" Tom asked. "You bastard." I fussed wanting to kill him. "Chill out." Georg fussed. "I'm out of here." I fussed. "Mika wait." Bill cried walking me out.

"I would give anything to take what I did to you." Bill said lacing both hands with mine. "I can't I have to meet my friend in an hour." I said.
"Who is this new guy do I know him?" Bill asked. "No and thank god that you don't. now please I have to leave." I cried. "Mika just one last kiss before you go." Bill said looking into my eyes. "I can't." I whispered as a tear shed down my cheeks.

Then I walked off leaving Bill I couldn't be around him anymore. I got in my Audi speeding off. "I can't believe she's gone." Bill said to his self. "It's Okay Bill you must really loved her huh?" Georg asked. "Yes I'm sorry that it was like that Georg." Bill hissed. "It's cool man I'm just so angry at her for lying to me like that." Georg was so ticked.

Moments Later, I met Andrej by the bar ready to leave to move into his place. I knew barely nothing about him and nothing about his home. What was I doing this time…

"Hey you made it you got everything?" He asked. "Yeah." I smiled. "Cool well just follow me to your new home." He teased. "Andrej this is just for a while till I find something." I smiled. "Nonsense Mika." He laughed. I was thinking why was he being so nice to me?

So I followed him to his house it wasn't too far away only an hour away.
It was a gated community he set the code so the gate to open. These houses was beautiful. Finally we made it to his house it was so amazing! "Wow." I said to myself. "Well here we are Mika. What do you think?" Andrej asked getting out of his jeep.
"This is amazing are you sure about me staying here?" I asked.
"I'm positive and besides I could use some company for a while." He said. "You live alone?" I asked. "Not anymore." He said smiling down at me.
He helped me with my bags and we went inside his beautiful white mansion.

Forbidden Lovers 13 by itsrockersdesigns

I wanted to update this one hope you
guys liked's been a while since i've written
this one n.n
dandy93 Featured By Owner Mar 19, 2012  Student Photographer
Will you continue this exciting story? please!
itsrockersdesigns Featured By Owner Mar 19, 2012   Digital Artist
yes i will soon n.n
dandy93 Featured By Owner Mar 20, 2012  Student Photographer
oh, OK! :hooray: !'m so glad, I can' wait!
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